Admissions Director – Akua Mind and Body

Admissions Director

Job Description

  1. Provided leadership and guidance to the admissions staff.
  2. Ensure that admissions staff is properly trained.
  3. Collaborate with the senior management team to develop, implement, and evaluate the screening, assessment, and admissions process.
  4. Achieve admissions operational objectives by contributing information and analysis to functional strategic plans and reviews.
  5. Design, establish and maintain procedures and policies to assure high bed occupancy and to control bed availability and patient traffic.
  6. Work closely with nurses and clinical team members on admissions priorities and bed availability.
  7. Keep patients, relatives, visitors, and admitting staff informed by clearly communicating admitting rules, regulations, policies, and procedures.
  8. Manage weekend and night admissions activities through planning, scheduling, and providing supervision.


  1. Bachelor’s degree and relevant industry experience
  2. Minimum of 3 years’ experience in substance/mental health admissions
  3. Knowledge of DSM criteria
  4. Knowledge of State and Federal Statutes regarding patient confidentiality laws
  5. Proficient with Microsoft Office
  6. Dynamic and enthusiastic personality
  7. Proven track record of growing a department in the behavioral health industry


Please send a resume to