Clinical Director – Trinity Social Services

Clinical Director, Trinity Social Services, LLC – Warner Robins, GA

Position Description:

Under the direction of the Chief Operating Officer, this position performs senior level professional work involving the delivery of mental health and addictive disease services, including clinical supervision of lower level clinicians or paraprofessionals. This position oversees and administers a wide range of services in a high-intensity clinical environment. These services include but are not limited to the following: documentation, counseling, training, crisis intervention, case management, and community linkage.

This position requires critical thinking skills, the ability to problem solve quickly and efficiently, and a broad knowledge of therapeutic processes and methodologies. This position also requires licensure as an LPC, LCSW, or LMFT, a minimum of 3 years post licensure, and the ability to provide clinical supervision as determined by the Georgia State Composite Board of Professional Counselors, Social Workers, and Marriage and Family Therapists.

Job Duties/Responsibilities:

  1. Stay abreast of guidelines with all contractual partners such as DBHDD, APS, CARF, etc.
  2. Review and provide feedback on clinical documentation retrieved from staff. I.e. progress notes, weekly team meeting notes, reauthorizations and discharge summaries. Provide weekly status reports to COO on team progression.
  3. Provide clinical review and management of consumer services during team meetings.
  4. Coordinate quality assurance and quality improvement processes and procedures and provide feedback to clinicians and COO.
  5. Develop and implement Corrective Action Plans based on feedback from APS audits.
  6. Assign clinician caseloads based on geographical limitations and client need.
  7. Ensure all clinicians have signed documentation prior to leaving team meetings. I.e. progress notes, weekly team meeting notes, reauthorizations and discharge summaries.
  8. Provide weekly and monthly updates to referral sources detailing the progress of the client
  9. Follow all organizational policy and procedures regarding documentation, tracking and communicating deficiencies.
  10. Implement and develop new and ongoing assessment of programs.
  11. Provide supervision to all clinical staff and interns. In addition, review clinical documentation to ensure clinical supervision is occurring.
  12. Ensure that all clinical practices are aligned with the chosen therapeutic model.
  13. Initiate and assist in marketing events and speaking engagements on behalf of the agency
  14. Attend agency events and provide positive representation for the organization such as DBHDD provider meetings, LIPT meetings, etc. through marketing and promoting the company
  15. Recruit and interview clinicians to provide therapeutic services and enhance the client experience.
  16. Provide formal training, consultation and in-service training to staff members covering a variety of clinical and administrative topics.
  17. Provide counseling, therapy, and/or psychotherapy to consumers and families as appropriate to the position.
  18. Provides and/or arranges for therapeutic interventions as appropriate for consumers in a crisis condition and for those with serious disturbance problems. In addition, provide crisis intervention and emergency services if needed.
  19. Ensure clinicians are addressing all treatment plan goals by reviewing the content of documentation.
  20. Prepare related documents for legal proceedings; keeps abreast of consumer data to ensure appropriate treatment and care are delivered.
  21. Processes re-authorizations, discharges, MICP and CAFAS into APS and CAFAS system within 24 hours of receipt.
  22. Provide reporting to track reauthorization, state end dates, available units, length of service, discharges, intensity, team allocation, fines, etc.
  23. Communicate completed tasks daily to leadership team
  24. Serve as secondary back up for BRIEF MICPS, primary responsibility is ongoing MICPS,
  25. Clinical Director is ultimately responsible for all tasks associated with the Clinical Service department. 26. Additional duties may be required by the agency. Connect and build trust within respective healthcare communities as reliable resources for behavioral health treatment placement across a vast network of facilities and resources
  26. Initiate new professional prospects and business opportunities and have a passion for marketing with the goal of increasing client admissions and expanding market share
  27. Clinical treatment planning, weekly individual, group, and family therapy, clinical documentation, discharge planning and follow-up care
  28. Provide clear, consistent, quality communication to families, and referring professionals on a weekly basis
  29. Participate in marketing efforts including presenting at national workshops and attending national therapeutic and educational conferences
  30. Assist in the development and execution quarterly and annual strategic goals and objectives
  31. Performs all other duties as required or assigned


Preferred Skills/Qualifications:

  1. Licensed Clinician in the State of Georgia with a Master’s Degree in Social Work, Clinical Psychology or Counseling.
  2. Minimum of 3 years experience providing direct clinical care services
  3. .Advanced knowledge of clinical social work and mental health counseling principles, methods, procedures and standards.
  4. Advanced knowledge of Child and Adolescent programs such as CORE and IFI.
  5. Knowledge of clinical operations and procedures, Medicaid services and community mental health resources.
  6. Experience in quality improvement processes, auditing and clinical records documentation
  7. .Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  8. Ability to lead and train staff.

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